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With more than 31 locations in 15 mostly rural communities in California, Arizona, and Nevada, each year we provide critical services and support for over 7,000 veterans and their families.


Our facilities are staffed by a diverse, professional, and talented group of individuals who are committed to serving all veterans in a respectful and positive way.

While we tailor our approach to the individual needs of each veteran, our services generally fall under a few broad categories. Click on the service icons below to learn more.

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transitional housing

case management



employment services

permanent supportive housing





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Transitional Housing


Homeless veterans with mental health disorders can stay at one of our clinical-model transitional housing facilities for up to two years while receiving a range of onsite clinical services, employment and training programs, legal aid, and other methods of support.

51 beds

Eureka, CA

57 beds

Sacramento, CA

19 beds

Santa Rosa, CA

20 beds

Reno, NV

Permanent Supportive Housing


We have over 300 units of permanent supportive housing specifically for veterans and their families, with more on the way. Learn more about our housing development subsidiary, Veterans Housing Development Corporation, by visiting

Mather Veterans Village
Mather Veterans Village
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Windsor Veterans Village
Windsor Veterans Village
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Bayview Heights (Eureka)
Bayview Heights (Eureka)
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Shasta Lake Veterans Village
Shasta Lake Veterans Village
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Case Management


We understand how difficult it can be for veterans to access the benefits and services they’ve earned. With a complex array of resources and miles of red tape, it’s easy to get confused and feel lost.


Our case managers are, in many ways, the cornerstone of what we do. A case manager is the veteran’s main point of contact at Nation's Finest. When veterans have a problem or they’re facing an obstacle in their life, a case manager is there to help them put all the information on the table and plot a course to help them achieve their goals by connecting them to the right resources.


Case management is an interactive process that provides veterans with support and services essential to effective treatment. The goal of case management is to help veterans develop the skills necessary to achieve and maintain independence.


All veterans meet with a Nation's Finest case manager upon arrival to perform an initial assessment. Based on this assessment, the case manager works in collaboration with the veteran to devise a service plan addressing identified needs and objectives. Each veteran has a personalized service plan outlining barriers and goals related to substance abuse, mental health, medical needs, finances, education, employment, and housing.


The case manager meets with the veteran on a regular basis to monitor progress. In addition to scheduled meetings, case managers are always available to provide additional support or assistance.

Mental Health


Mental health problems including PTSD, moral injury, traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, depression, and anxiety are all too common among today's veterans. But the mental health needs of those who served are often forgotten. We offer individual and group therapy sessions at our clinical model residential facilities.

Employment Services


We partner with local employers to enhance the visibility of veterans seeking employment, and we conduct frequent follow-ups with employers and veterans placed in employment to ensure continued success. We also work with local temp agencies to place veterans in positions that match their goals and qualifications.

Our case managers help veterans identify barriers to employment as well as the types of services most useful to placing them in long-term, meaningful employment. We provide workshops, peer-supported group processes, and instructor-led discussions designed to identify veterans’ skills and help them overcome barriers to employment.

Homelessness Prevention


We help eligible low-income veterans and their families remain stably housed with temporary financial assistance that can help cover qualifying housing-related expenses such as rental and utility assistance, deposits, moving and transportation costs, and other types of financial assistance designed to maintain stable housing or secure permanent housing.


Mobile Service Units

We operate two Mobile Service Units (Redding, CA and Carson City, NV) that provide services to veterans living in rural areas that often have limited local resources and are difficult to serve due to physical distance from brick-and-mortar service centers. 

With a fully functional mobile office, our staff can maintain regular and consistent locations and hours of operation in remote rural communities, providing a welcoming location veterans can access to discuss their needs with a professional case manager or counselor. 

Nation's Finest MSUs
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Nation's Finest MSUs
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Nation's Finest MSUs
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Art Therapy

As a California Arts Council grantee, we offer a Veterans in the Arts program that seeks to specifically address the needs and improve the lives of California’s veterans through arts, culture, and creative expression. The purpose of the program is to increase equity, access, and opportunities for veterans and their families to participate in quality arts programming that is sensitive and responsive to their unique experiences. 


Behavioral Health

Welcome to Nation’s Finest’s Behavioral Health Treatment Center! The Behavioral Health Centers (“BHC”) were established to provide comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment services, mental health services, and dual-diagnosis services to military veterans in need. The BHC provides services in a group living situation, assisting a limited number of qualified, willing, and motivated individuals. The goal of the BHC is to provide residents with the tools necessary to begin a life of sobriety, clarity, and purpose in a safe environment. (Click here for more information)

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